Limberlost-The Dream Lodge Journey of Lynx Medicine

Wing Walden remembers that she saw Charred for the first time one Thanksgiving Day. The leaves had dropped off from the tree branches. The fall season plants had long ago dispersed their seeds on the wind. The remaining tall stalks were still holding onto their brittle, frost bitten leaves which seem to be clinging defiantly on them.  

 Wing was not sure what had caused her to look out the sliding glass door at that very moment, but she did, somehow knowing that she is being compelled to do so. Magical thinking or was it that she was still mourning her loss. Grief has a way of playing tricks on your mind. In truth, it didn’t really matter which reason is was or that maybe it had been a combination of the two.

Wing’s eyes traveled along the yard’s edge where the mowed grass met the woods. There he was! Finally, after all these years, she had been gifted with the sight of him. 

Charred had been sent to Wing many times on the dreamscape, but this would be the first time that she had ever seen tangible evidence of his natural existence. Charred was searching too, as he is walking towards the house, he sensed that she was inside and needed to be comforted by his presence. Separating the brush with his head, Charred peeked through the forest of grass, and while doing so, he stepped forward placing one of his front paws onto the lawn. His eyes looked upwards seeking her, his Human Totem. Wing, with a room full of people behind her, didn’t say a word about what she is witnessing. 

A smile came across the great lynx’ face when he saw Wing. He hovered just long enough to be satisfied that she had recognized him and she understood that he was watching over her. The great lynx lowered his head and stepped back into the cover of the woods. Wing turned around to rejoin her family celebrating Thanksgiving while knowing in that moment everything had changed. Little did Wing know that November evening would be the beginning of Wing Walden’s clairvoyant journey into her ancient past.

Limberlost-The Vision Quest of the Totem Seekers

Wing Walden and Beau Badger are twin-spirits, who have loved one another many times and over many lifespans. Yet each time when their spirits found one another, it would always have the same tragic ending. Some would call that Karma but “others” would call it the result of one experiencing a Bad Medicine Death.

Relationships are creation stories! People create, maintain, and sometimes unintentionally destroy the love that was meant for them without giving any thought to the long term consequences inflicted upon their own souls and psyche. 

If one believes that you have only “one life” you may feel pressured to experience more and seek change often to fulfill the belief that one’s physical death is the final stopping point of your journey. 

Wing Walden believes that both humans and animals are spiritual beings. The connection between the different species is sometimes obliterated due to the practice of humans eating meat. Many people have forgotten the gift that animal beings provide and they are slaughtered and consumed without conscience or thanks. This is where modern mankind differs from the paleo and ancient peoples. 

The ancients understood that an animal sacrificed its life to provide mankind with a future. The hunters who sought the animals often prayed for and over their prey; and as a right-of-passage young men and woman would seek the experience of a Vision Quest, the companionship of a Spirit Guide; and the teachings and lessons to be learned from Animal Totems.

Limberlost The Vision Quest of the Totem Seekers is the story of the “many hats” worn by human beings and Animal Totems. Who, by understanding their decisions and experiences from past lives and the consequences of their taking wrong paths, were freed to move forward into the future by experiencing a lifetime that will bring them to a Good Medicine Death.      

Limberlost-The Thunderclouds of Mashodack Mountain

This story begins at a time when the Universe became aware that all of the people known as the Mashodack Tribe went to sleep. Legend tells us that when their language was no longer spoken and the echo of their songs ceased to be carried on the wind that the collective memory of the northern people was erased from the face of the Earth. 

The Universe missed the chatter of the Mashodack women, the laughter of the Mashodack children, the storytelling of the Mashodack men; and the distinctive melodies of the sacred songs that were once sung by all of the Mashodack Tribe.

The Universe grieved over the loss of viewing the many comforting domestic scenes. The Universe could not remember what had happened to the beloved Mashodack people. This lack of memory caused the Universe to ponder the reason for their disappearance. The Universe especially missed looking down upon the Earth to view the fires that once were lit across the ridge path of Mashodack Mountain. For now there was only a black and empty space smeared across the landscape where once lived the people of quartz and shale; water and ice. The Mashodack Tribe had been the Universes’ fire keepers for the sacred Hill of Fire.  

Under the auspices of seeking answers, the Universe instructed the Star Nation to send three spirit-beings to Earth to wake them up; and if that were not possible, to find answers as to their whereabouts. 

The Star Nation asked if any Celestial Beings were of the mind to be chosen for the Universe’s onus. But the season of happiness and contentment had previously swept across the Star Nation and none of the Celestial Beings sought a change in state; and none came forward to claim the quest. The Universe sensed the reason for this complacency and decided to send a whirlwind to scramble and spin waves of discontent throughout the celestial canopy.

The Celestial Mother cried; “ENOUGH!!! I will go! And I will take two of my beloved children with me!” Upon hearing her edict the Star Nation dwellers cried out. “No! No! Not our Mother!”

The Celestial Mother looked around her perimeter and spoke these words; “Am I not the Mother of all beings?” With that said, the Celestial Mother disguised as a female human, dressed herself in a garment made from the hide of a buffalo. Before departing the Star Nation, the Celestial Mother transfigured one moon and one star into human beings. The Celestial Mother then proceeded to take the hand of her gentlest daughter; and the hand of her wisest son; traveling side-by-side to Earth. Thus, begins the mythic story of The Thunderclouds of Mashodack Mountain.