Limberlost-The Vision Quest of the Totem Seekers

Wing Walden and Beau Badger are twin-spirits, who have loved one another many times and over many lifespans. Yet each time when their spirits found one another, it would always have the same tragic ending. Some would call that Karma but “others” would call it the result of one experiencing a Bad Medicine Death.

Relationships are creation stories! People create, maintain, and sometimes unintentionally destroy the love that was meant for them without giving any thought to the long term consequences inflicted upon their own souls and psyche. 

If one believes that you have only “one life” you may feel pressured to experience more and seek change often to fulfill the belief that one’s physical death is the final stopping point of your journey. 

Wing Walden believes that both humans and animals are spiritual beings. The connection between the different species is sometimes obliterated due to the practice of humans eating meat. Many people have forgotten the gift that animal beings provide and they are slaughtered and consumed without conscience or thanks. This is where modern mankind differs from the paleo and ancient peoples. 

The ancients understood that an animal sacrificed its life to provide mankind with a future. The hunters who sought the animals often prayed for and over their prey; and as a right-of-passage young men and woman would seek the experience of a Vision Quest, the companionship of a Spirit Guide; and the teachings and lessons to be learned from Animal Totems.

Limberlost The Vision Quest of the Totem Seekers is the story of the “many hats” worn by human beings and Animal Totems. Who, by understanding their decisions and experiences from past lives and the consequences of their taking wrong paths, were freed to move forward into the future by experiencing a lifetime that will bring them to a Good Medicine Death.